My Experience with developers in Jordan.

I worked in several IT companies in Jordan and dealt with few programmers. So I can sum my impression about them as the following:


1- if they know programming that is what they know, they might be good at it but they are not creative.

2-Lack of entrepreneurial spirit:

how many programmers took the risk and started up their own businesses. Very few and if they did it would be custom app development.

3- lack of vision:

most developers in Jordan do not have a vision of how technology and the web will evolve.

4- I never know or heard about any Jordanian programmer who founded or confounded world class IT business like a web site or a web 2.0 business. If any did they mostly were a localized copycat of US website or a software.

5- working with Jordanian freelancers is a nightmare:

they promise you and then you get nothing. I dealt with many liars. In Arabic:Nasabeen.

6- Arrogance no risk taking:

if you want to cofound a company with a developer, he will think that he is every thing, and that his work is the most important and nothing else. This is wrong, in USA there are tons of startups every day, why not all of them succeed? What maters most is the idea how much value you offer to the end user compared to your competitor, that includes usability. Execution that includes: the development process and management. Marketing and PR: can you market your service in near zero cost to a wide audience to acquire the initial customer base critical for your future success, funding: to pay for your costs. Most of the ingredients of success is not done by a developer but by the management, I am not saying programmers are not important they are, one bad programmer can cause your business to be destroyed with a serious bug in the code that for ex: enable a hacker to delete your data base, but programmers are an important part of the process.

7- Too much emphasis in work security:

well it is natural that every one needs to secure a present income, but most programmers are not welling to spend their spare time innovating the next big think, they are not welling to partner with a business skilled person and start something from scratch because there is no enough funding. They will come to you after you secure the funding.

8- fact numbers 8: most IT companies who are world class businesses with 100s of billion market cap today, started from scratch some with 2 thousand $ or less seed investments, yahoo was founded at the dorms of Stanford uni, same for google, same for Dell who started with 1000 $ investment. Same with Sun, while HP started from the garage. Same with Apple. Myspace, also facebook started from the dorm .for none IT starbucks started with few thousands investment in one location, now it has thousands of shops around the world with billion of revenues.

How did these startup succeed while other did not?

1- value:

A- New product: they might have came with a new product: ex yahoo: a directory that helps to find websites- where to go across the web.

B- Improvements on existing products: yahoo directory was not enough to find what you want from the web, so google came with algorithm of a search engine and launched it services, now google is at least 5 times bigger than yahoo with around 150 billion market cap. Another example of improvements is facebook: social networking was there with friendster then myspace, but facebook improved the service with usable clean features. ( first facebook was only for Harvard students, provided a directory for students, something that makes Harvard students stay connected and help them get to know each other, a value nto offered else where for them, and then it evolved) so it started as a niche offering unlike mypsace targeting masses of teenagers, facebook initially targeted students and kept improving – innovating until now it has almost the same unique visit to myspace globally, while myspace lacked continues innovation for years it is playing now catch up game with facebook features.

2- Business model:

PC where there but what Michel Dell came with is a new business model: customize PC to each individual and use 1 to 1 marketing through mail, build to order, means he had almost zero inventory a huge cost cut, these things initially provided him with a competitive advantage to other PC vendors. While google monetized its free search engine with non intrusive contextual text ads which are effective for both advertisers and the end users.

3- Marketing and PR:

hotmail was the first web-based email, which is by it self represent 1st mover advantage, but what it did is it used Viral marketing: using your customers to bring more customers, which means free advertising for you, and a more effective way to acquire new customers, Hotmail embedded a small message at the end of every email that says: -get your free email from hotmail click here-, this term was coined by Tem Draper. The VC behind hotmail.

hotmail was sold to Microsoft for 500 million.

Another example Facebook used: address book email gapping to virally acquire more users. Also all these companies had a great PR strategy which helped them create a buzz and excitement about their products for an almost zero cost.

4- Management:

These companies had strong management people.

5- Funding:

Millions of Dollars in Funding were secured to these companies from VCs after they developed their products and acquired an initial customer base. Facebook first after few month of launching it raised 500 thousand $, then later millions up to 35 million, and recently up to 700million making its value to 15 billion.

Bottom-line: if you stumble upon a person with great idea -like me-, and with knowledge how to reach out customers, partner with him and work day and night to make it happen, you might in few years make millions of dollars

Tune in I will post a more detailed post in my blog about the ingredients of success for the successful IT companies. And soon I will launch a web 2.0 and mobile 2.0 blog in Arabic.

14 responses to “My Experience with developers in Jordan.

  1. Hi,

    Well i dont agree with you that jordanian developers are nasabeen. Though u did write a lot of copy. I give you the credit of Blabber. your good at it.

    Take care , and ill keep thinkin of why you wrote this post. hehe

  2. hi, i am was very critical about Jordanian developer is to fire them up to think out side the box and innovate, i mean nasbeen in 3amia cute way 🙂 but they do promise and never deliver.

    i am with free speech even if it Criticizes me, so i keep you comment 🙂

    hey tell me why developers in jordan are lazy to startup thier own tech companies.

  3. Well i get your point. But its like hitting someone in the face so they become men “AKA arabic tirbayeh”. dnt think it would work.

    And i didnt criticize you, just said facts.

    about the why are they lazy. I wouldnt know. I DID start my tech company and hope to be successful soon. And i know about some people who are working on bigger projects.

    Take care

  4. what i want to see is Jordanians start companies that will get listing on NASAQ.


    Well we all want that. And some of us are working to do that. But i wouldnt go to the USA to do that. I would build the Web 2.0 startup your talking about here.

    coz if we go there it wouldnt be Jordanian at all 😀

  6. well you and others can do it from here. God Welling if things went right jordnain ICT companies can get listed in Nasdaq while the head quarter is in Jordan, many “Israeli companies done that look at

  7. Yes i hope we will make it.

    Btw, Hope the GAZA situation ends soon.

    Take care

  8. Sorry mate.. but all what you have written above about the developers is not true.

    I freelance / individually contract multinational companies and institutes and they are extremely happy with my work.

    and also i know many developers who are extraordinary and do great work.

    and also i dont deny that you might hit a dump developer and experience the bad staff then, but this is only because you are only interested in cheap rated developers, so you cant ask for quality.

    “YOU pretend to pay and WE pretend to work!”

  9. it is so risky here to establish a company and most of us have no money to ignite before even think of office rental!

  10. sure it is always risky to start any business, but the rewards are great.

    i have mentioned view examples of Blue ship companies in ICT who started from scratch ,from the Garage or Uni dorm.
    you do not have to have lots of funding to start up, you can start with what you have, work part time at home.
    at some stage you might need funding from a VC or angle investor. there are few VCs in Jordan, and across the Arab world. and many in USA. they are welling to put millions in your idea if you meet their criteria, such as a great idea, solid business plan and the right team.
    you would have more chance of getting a VC fund if you have a demo of your product or some customers.

  11. you know,
    i have many customers while i have no company, and 60% of them from saudi arabia.
    my family have 2 registered companies and i didnt use any of them just becasue am not interested to open my company due to the social look about being “non working, so you are using your family to play around!” also 2 of my customers who are well paying and well known got depressed when they heard about opening business becasue it conflicts with their rules since they are going to pay double or triple what they are already paying.

    for me, a co-founder of some virtual environment community but i am not in now due to the overload i have, also am totally statisfied for my persoanl product as an individual who is trusted enough to sell it at reasonable price and offer more than 2000 institute this product for free!!

    however, once i find a “blind” VC, how is welling to pay and offer very attractive business, i will definitely let you know! and perhaps asking you to join 🙂

  12. too many mistakes above cuz i used my pda :S

  13. i would like to know your product. can you provide a URL.

    Thank you for your offer to me 🙂
    i emailed u asking u for ur CV.

  14. how did you find my blog?

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