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Social networking Ad effectiveness.

Last year was the year of social networks, namely Facebook has been its star. With an average yearly growth rate of 550% .

World wide faeebook is closing on myspace #1 lead in social networking arena to equal it to around 100 million unique visits a month. It is in Alexa’s top ten, and it is number one world wide photo sharing website more than flickr.

In the arab world facebook become number on social network beating Hi5. Facebook now is on top 5 most visited websites in the arab world which include: Google, yahoo, msn, and maktoob.

On the business professional SN front, linkedIn and Xing has grown a lot, Linkedin remain a leader with around 17 millions profile, with a growth rate at an average of 182 percent yearly.

Facebook and Bebo charges only 13 cents per thousand times that an ad is ‘served,’ or CPM. Yahoo’s average CPM is estimated at $13. Video ads on Myspace is $25 per thousand showings while CBS charges $50 and NBC charges as much as $75 for the same number of views.

Why is consumers Social networking Ad rate is lower, I think because Advertising in consumer social networks is less effective to other web sites.

According to an online marketer in the Arab world who ran ads in faebook, facebook click through rate (CTR) is the lowest in the industry, the obvious reason is that users are busy interacting with their friends than looking into ads, the other reason is that ad location is not visible to the user, they are even on the left side under the app menu or at the bottom of the page.

Another evidence is Google executives complains about how hard it is to monetize social networking traffic.

Fox Interactive gets 27 percent of its revenue from an ad deal between Google and MySpace forged in August 2006. A deal in which Rupert Murdoch gets $900 million, the guaranteed revenue Google promised MySpace through 2010. So now google is loosing money with myspace ad deal.

Contextual text ads to users’ Personal profiles are not as effective as contextual text ads on search or a news website.

On the other hand LinkedIn has a CPM rate of $75. why? LinkedIn caters to a professional business audience and so the advertisers have a narrower business audience.

LinkedIn also has contextual text ads from google’s ad sense, which I found interesting where I some times I click on these links. Because they are related to things in my profile and business interest, some thing I would like to increase my knowledge about.sometimes locate a competitor.

How many times did an ad got your attention and how many times did you click an ad across social networks.

Please leave your comments and tell us about

your ad experience across social networks………………….

UP DATE: there are new reports that backup my assertions, and i will post them soon.


not only Obama OMG Clinton wearing Islamic head scarf too

look at her does not she looks nice with it 🙂

Nice Clinton

It is not just Obama wearing Islamic cloth..Laura Bush Wears an Islamic Scarf Too

The Clinton campaign has circulated an image of Obama wearing traditional Somali clothing, it seems as if it is a curse in US politics now a days if some one has ties to any thing Muslim or Arabic.

well look here at Laura Bush wearing a scarf during here visit to Al Aqsa Mosque in Occupied Jerusalem:

Laura Bush wearing a scarf standing inside Dome of the Rock Mousqe with Muslim Imams Laura Bush wearing an Islamic head scarf

US anti-war activist visits region

This a story i reported back in Thursday,August 10, 2006 to the Star Newspaper.

When the war against Iraq started in March 2003, a minority often labeled unpatriotic, sprouted throughout the US. But with the war stretching into its 4th year, the US public’s rejection of war and its support of anti-war activism have been on the rise, according to retired US Colonel Ann Wright.

“With the US death toll in Iraq in the raise and the raise of cost of the war –over $300 billion- the public in the US is with us” Said Wright in a press conference held in Amman last Saturday. She added “when the war started in the US media the voice of those who against the war was marginalized, despite the propaganda by the Bush administration, now the mood has changed in favor of ending the occupation.”

Geoffery Millard a US soldier who is a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War a US organization said “ this was in Iraq is not popular with the American soldier, 8,000 from national Guard deserted, and 15,000 from active duty deserted,” according to him a pull done by Zoughbi institute showed that 70% of US soldiers in Iraq want the war to end before the end of the year.

Wright and Millard is part of a group of Americans representing anti war US NGOs who visited Jordan during their regional visit that also includes Syria and Lebanon, they met earlier with Iraqi delegation in Jordan including 7 Iraqi parliament representatives where they explored ways to end the occupation of Iraq.

Medea Benjamin a founding director of human rights organization Global Exchange said “we need to get a proposal for reconciliation in Iraq, which we need to push with the congress, and put a schedule for US to leave Iraq, with no US bases, and to make the US pay for reconstruction.”

The groups of anti war Americans met with Iraq delegations in Jordan not in Iraq because it is according to Benjamin “it is too dangerous in Iraq.”

Dr. Jabor Habeb Jaber Iraqi Parliament member from Al Etelaf board قائمة الأتلاف--said” we had meetings with anti war NGOs representative and some anti-war congressmen from the Democrat party where we discussed with them that all US soldiers need to go back home from Iraq, and we talked about the reconciliation that the government is doing.”

He added “ we are looking forward to end the foreign military presence in Iraq and to get back real national sovereignty, we want to transfer powers to the Iraqi state to withdraw the foreign forces from the cities, then minimize them and then for complete withdrawal. We are looking forward for schedule with a time table. And the money that is being spent on these forces should go to rebuild Iraq and in helping the Iraqi people and to build the Iraqi forces.”

He went on to say that all Iraqi parties are in agreement with the need for the US forces to leave Iraq.

Dr. Salam AlJameli Iraqi parliament member from Al Tawafouq board –Qaema قائمة التوافق – said “ we exchanged ideas with the US peace activist and we emphasized the need for all occupation forces to leave Iraq, we see that there is a voice coming from America against the occupation, and those are peace supporters…we told them we need to see a light at the end of the tunnel and the end of occupation.”

He added “ we also talked about the mechanism that can work to schedule the US withdrawal timed with the building of Iraqi security forces that will fill the gap that will happen when these forces leave, we also stressed the importance of making the US recognize the national resistant that is different than the terrorist groups. Resistant is a legitimate right for any country that falls under occupation, and the entrance to make reconciliation is to recognize the resistant and to have a dialog with them as a legitimate representative of groups who are against the occupation.”

Colonel Ann Wright who is also a former US diploma who resigned in 2003 as an opposition to the US war in Iraq said “ we came from all over America and we do represents a huge number of Americans…the parliamentarians were specific about what they want : get the US troops out, and Iraqis can handle their own affairs. US has to offer economic compensation to help rebuild Iraq, there is no fear that we will leave Iraqis defenseless without defense, we should give the country back to Iraqis.”

“Finally the Democratic party started to move in the track to withdrawal all US troops from Iraq.” She said.

Jeeni Criscenzo a candidate for the Democratic part in California, USA told The Star” I press every person running for office in the congress to join me to make commitment that the very first thing to do at the 11th congress in January is to withdrawal troops from Iraq.” She added “this is an opportunity for the American public to vote for what they want.”

As for the group visit to Syria and Lebanon Benjamin said” our visit is to asses the damage done by the Israeli army and to hookup with local NGOs to aid and help.”

She added that the US government has not allowed an immediate ceasefire in Lebanon that means the US is responsible for the death and destruction that happens in Lebanon.