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The website that was going to publish the Anti-Quran Anti-Islam movie has been suspended


NetworkSolutions has suspended the domain of the Dutch MP Geert Wilder a right wing extremist , where he was planning to publish a very controversial anti Quran movie.

Network solutions said it got many complaints about this website and it is studying them.

The message that appears when trying to access the website is :

“This site has been suspended while Network Solutions is investigating whether the site’s content is in violation of the Network Solutions Acceptable Use Policy. Network Solutions has received a number of complaints regarding this site that are under investigation”

Until Sunday the website was showing a picture of the Quran’s cover on a black background with a word Fitna written over it.


Wilder was planning to publish his video before April this year on the Internet where he criticizes Islam and the Quran, saying that Quran is a hate book and should be banned. He got a lot of criticism and warnings from different religious and political groups, who said this movie will spark violent objections in many parts of the world.


It is worth mentioning that the Dutch government tried to persuade the MP not to publish his movies in fear of backlash.


My Experience with developers in Jordan.

I worked in several IT companies in Jordan and dealt with few programmers. So I can sum my impression about them as the following:


1- if they know programming that is what they know, they might be good at it but they are not creative.

2-Lack of entrepreneurial spirit:

how many programmers took the risk and started up their own businesses. Very few and if they did it would be custom app development.

3- lack of vision:

most developers in Jordan do not have a vision of how technology and the web will evolve.

4- I never know or heard about any Jordanian programmer who founded or confounded world class IT business like a web site or a web 2.0 business. If any did they mostly were a localized copycat of US website or a software.

5- working with Jordanian freelancers is a nightmare:

they promise you and then you get nothing. I dealt with many liars. In Arabic:Nasabeen.

6- Arrogance no risk taking:

if you want to cofound a company with a developer, he will think that he is every thing, and that his work is the most important and nothing else. This is wrong, in USA there are tons of startups every day, why not all of them succeed? What maters most is the idea how much value you offer to the end user compared to your competitor, that includes usability. Execution that includes: the development process and management. Marketing and PR: can you market your service in near zero cost to a wide audience to acquire the initial customer base critical for your future success, funding: to pay for your costs. Most of the ingredients of success is not done by a developer but by the management, I am not saying programmers are not important they are, one bad programmer can cause your business to be destroyed with a serious bug in the code that for ex: enable a hacker to delete your data base, but programmers are an important part of the process.

7- Too much emphasis in work security:

well it is natural that every one needs to secure a present income, but most programmers are not welling to spend their spare time innovating the next big think, they are not welling to partner with a business skilled person and start something from scratch because there is no enough funding. They will come to you after you secure the funding.

8- fact numbers 8: most IT companies who are world class businesses with 100s of billion market cap today, started from scratch some with 2 thousand $ or less seed investments, yahoo was founded at the dorms of Stanford uni, same for google, same for Dell who started with 1000 $ investment. Same with Sun, while HP started from the garage. Same with Apple. Myspace, also facebook started from the dorm .for none IT starbucks started with few thousands investment in one location, now it has thousands of shops around the world with billion of revenues.

How did these startup succeed while other did not?

1- value:

A- New product: they might have came with a new product: ex yahoo: a directory that helps to find websites- where to go across the web.

B- Improvements on existing products: yahoo directory was not enough to find what you want from the web, so google came with algorithm of a search engine and launched it services, now google is at least 5 times bigger than yahoo with around 150 billion market cap. Another example of improvements is facebook: social networking was there with friendster then myspace, but facebook improved the service with usable clean features. ( first facebook was only for Harvard students, provided a directory for students, something that makes Harvard students stay connected and help them get to know each other, a value nto offered else where for them, and then it evolved) so it started as a niche offering unlike mypsace targeting masses of teenagers, facebook initially targeted students and kept improving – innovating until now it has almost the same unique visit to myspace globally, while myspace lacked continues innovation for years it is playing now catch up game with facebook features.

2- Business model:

PC where there but what Michel Dell came with is a new business model: customize PC to each individual and use 1 to 1 marketing through mail, build to order, means he had almost zero inventory a huge cost cut, these things initially provided him with a competitive advantage to other PC vendors. While google monetized its free search engine with non intrusive contextual text ads which are effective for both advertisers and the end users.

3- Marketing and PR:

hotmail was the first web-based email, which is by it self represent 1st mover advantage, but what it did is it used Viral marketing: using your customers to bring more customers, which means free advertising for you, and a more effective way to acquire new customers, Hotmail embedded a small message at the end of every email that says: -get your free email from hotmail click here-, this term was coined by Tem Draper. The VC behind hotmail.

hotmail was sold to Microsoft for 500 million.

Another example Facebook used: address book email gapping to virally acquire more users. Also all these companies had a great PR strategy which helped them create a buzz and excitement about their products for an almost zero cost.

4- Management:

These companies had strong management people.

5- Funding:

Millions of Dollars in Funding were secured to these companies from VCs after they developed their products and acquired an initial customer base. Facebook first after few month of launching it raised 500 thousand $, then later millions up to 35 million, and recently up to 700million making its value to 15 billion.

Bottom-line: if you stumble upon a person with great idea -like me-, and with knowledge how to reach out customers, partner with him and work day and night to make it happen, you might in few years make millions of dollars

Tune in I will post a more detailed post in my blog about the ingredients of success for the successful IT companies. And soon I will launch a web 2.0 and mobile 2.0 blog in Arabic.

not only Obama OMG Clinton wearing Islamic head scarf too

look at her does not she looks nice with it 🙂

Nice Clinton

It is not just Obama wearing Islamic cloth..Laura Bush Wears an Islamic Scarf Too

The Clinton campaign has circulated an image of Obama wearing traditional Somali clothing, it seems as if it is a curse in US politics now a days if some one has ties to any thing Muslim or Arabic.

well look here at Laura Bush wearing a scarf during here visit to Al Aqsa Mosque in Occupied Jerusalem:

Laura Bush wearing a scarf standing inside Dome of the Rock Mousqe with Muslim Imams Laura Bush wearing an Islamic head scarf

US anti-war activist visits region

This a story i reported back in Thursday,August 10, 2006 to the Star Newspaper.

When the war against Iraq started in March 2003, a minority often labeled unpatriotic, sprouted throughout the US. But with the war stretching into its 4th year, the US public’s rejection of war and its support of anti-war activism have been on the rise, according to retired US Colonel Ann Wright.

“With the US death toll in Iraq in the raise and the raise of cost of the war –over $300 billion- the public in the US is with us” Said Wright in a press conference held in Amman last Saturday. She added “when the war started in the US media the voice of those who against the war was marginalized, despite the propaganda by the Bush administration, now the mood has changed in favor of ending the occupation.”

Geoffery Millard a US soldier who is a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War a US organization said “ this was in Iraq is not popular with the American soldier, 8,000 from national Guard deserted, and 15,000 from active duty deserted,” according to him a pull done by Zoughbi institute showed that 70% of US soldiers in Iraq want the war to end before the end of the year.

Wright and Millard is part of a group of Americans representing anti war US NGOs who visited Jordan during their regional visit that also includes Syria and Lebanon, they met earlier with Iraqi delegation in Jordan including 7 Iraqi parliament representatives where they explored ways to end the occupation of Iraq.

Medea Benjamin a founding director of human rights organization Global Exchange said “we need to get a proposal for reconciliation in Iraq, which we need to push with the congress, and put a schedule for US to leave Iraq, with no US bases, and to make the US pay for reconstruction.”

The groups of anti war Americans met with Iraq delegations in Jordan not in Iraq because it is according to Benjamin “it is too dangerous in Iraq.”

Dr. Jabor Habeb Jaber Iraqi Parliament member from Al Etelaf board قائمة الأتلاف--said” we had meetings with anti war NGOs representative and some anti-war congressmen from the Democrat party where we discussed with them that all US soldiers need to go back home from Iraq, and we talked about the reconciliation that the government is doing.”

He added “ we are looking forward to end the foreign military presence in Iraq and to get back real national sovereignty, we want to transfer powers to the Iraqi state to withdraw the foreign forces from the cities, then minimize them and then for complete withdrawal. We are looking forward for schedule with a time table. And the money that is being spent on these forces should go to rebuild Iraq and in helping the Iraqi people and to build the Iraqi forces.”

He went on to say that all Iraqi parties are in agreement with the need for the US forces to leave Iraq.

Dr. Salam AlJameli Iraqi parliament member from Al Tawafouq board –Qaema قائمة التوافق – said “ we exchanged ideas with the US peace activist and we emphasized the need for all occupation forces to leave Iraq, we see that there is a voice coming from America against the occupation, and those are peace supporters…we told them we need to see a light at the end of the tunnel and the end of occupation.”

He added “ we also talked about the mechanism that can work to schedule the US withdrawal timed with the building of Iraqi security forces that will fill the gap that will happen when these forces leave, we also stressed the importance of making the US recognize the national resistant that is different than the terrorist groups. Resistant is a legitimate right for any country that falls under occupation, and the entrance to make reconciliation is to recognize the resistant and to have a dialog with them as a legitimate representative of groups who are against the occupation.”

Colonel Ann Wright who is also a former US diploma who resigned in 2003 as an opposition to the US war in Iraq said “ we came from all over America and we do represents a huge number of Americans…the parliamentarians were specific about what they want : get the US troops out, and Iraqis can handle their own affairs. US has to offer economic compensation to help rebuild Iraq, there is no fear that we will leave Iraqis defenseless without defense, we should give the country back to Iraqis.”

“Finally the Democratic party started to move in the track to withdrawal all US troops from Iraq.” She said.

Jeeni Criscenzo a candidate for the Democratic part in California, USA told The Star” I press every person running for office in the congress to join me to make commitment that the very first thing to do at the 11th congress in January is to withdrawal troops from Iraq.” She added “this is an opportunity for the American public to vote for what they want.”

As for the group visit to Syria and Lebanon Benjamin said” our visit is to asses the damage done by the Israeli army and to hookup with local NGOs to aid and help.”

She added that the US government has not allowed an immediate ceasefire in Lebanon that means the US is responsible for the death and destruction that happens in Lebanon.